Jay and Me

Jay and Me

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Oh, Darling, Let's Celebrate: An Audrey Hepburn-Themed Bridal Shower

I know. I've been a naughty Knottie.

But I think I have a good excuse. I've been so caught in my wedding/honeymoon and friends' weddings that I've neglected you! So now I will slowly share the details of our big day on April 23, and the memorable events leading up to it...

First, thanks to my mother and Maid of Honor, Heather, my bridal shower, which was held on March 5, was as detail-oriented and person as a cute little wedding! It was a perfect reflection of my personality and love for all things vintage...and Audrey Hepburn. Guests were encouraged to dress in their best Audrey Hepburn/Breakfast at Tiffany's attire to the Library at the Darlington House in Washington, D.C. The whole thing was a surprise to me! The theme was inspired by my Audrey Hepburn-themed home office. Heather even nabbed a few of my accessories out of my house the day before without my knowledge!

The decor is elegant and feminine, the girls are awesome and my photographer, Brooke Bready, was fabulous as usual.

So, darling, check these out!

 My adorable neighbors
 My cousins and aunts

 Heather showing me the guests' advice basket and engagement announcement
The favors were costume pearls in Tiffany blue boxes

 With my MOH

 With my Bridal Party

 With my mom

 Prizes came in these cute Tiffany and Co. sacks from Etsy


  1. OMG what fun! What GORGEOUS photographs! Can't wait to see more of your recaps!!!

    1. fun is on the peak.. wedding reception timeline
      love the title :

      "Oh, Darling, Let's Celebrate: An Audrey Hepburn-Themed Bridal Shower "